Northwest Developmental Biology Meeting
Ferry Schedules
For Washington State Ferry schedules between Anacortes and Friday Harbor, go to the following:

Ferry Information: Please Read Carefully
Here is a way to save money for passenger fares to and from Friday Harbor. I've checked into ways of saving funds for persons traveling as foot passengers on the ferries to Friday Harbor, and have discovered that a sizable discount is available for both Washington AND out-of state persons who are willing to fill in the form letter below and have it signed by an "Administrator." (A department chairman, or departmental business administrator should suffice, as long as they include their official title.)

EACH VEHICLE will still need to pay the full fare ($36.90 roundtrip) for vehicle plus driver, but the "school discount" allows for a $2.00 fare to cover every passenger in the vehicle rather than the current $10.65 for foot passengers. Each vehicle needs to have a copy of the letter to present at the tollbooth as you drive into the ferry loading area.

In the location in which you need to fill out the number of cars or vans it is probably best for each vehicle driver to insert only "1"car or van, and then to insert the number of additional possible passengers the vehicle could hold. This way, some cars could be parked at the terminal, and their occupants could be accommodated as passengers in the cars and vans traveling on the ferry. You won't have to pay for passengers who are not in the vehicle; BUT if you know that several additional passengers will be joining your car as passengers, you need to pay for these persons at the tollbooth. The car will then get a receipt stating that "car + driver + X# passengers have been paid for.

Car "passengers" have to enter the ferry by car, or if you arrive early enough to check with the agent in the ferry terminal, you may be able to enter as a foot passenger with the car's ticket serving as your group passenger ticket (i.e., since all cars must pass through the tollbooths, it is assumed that the car has the correct ticket and this is virtually never requested as the car enters the ferry).

It would be wise to plan your arrival at the terminal to be AT LEAST 60 min. prior to the scheduled departure time.

Please download the School Groups Discount Request Letter (pdf format). Letter to be printed on your OFFICIAL SCHOOL LETTERHEAD. In the blanks fill in: name of your school; Anacortes WA; Friday Harbor, WA; 03/15-18/06; 1; # of passengers; 0 (for chaperones); name of mentor or department administrator; the Sincerely part would be your department chairman or departmental business administrator and their official title.

Off-campus housing
Participants who prefer to stay off-campus should arrange their own housing in the town of Friday Harbor, which is a pleasant 20-minute walk from the labs.

Three suggested housing options are as follows:

Friday Harbor Inn
NWDBC attendees will get at least a 10% discount, and if enough rooms are booked a larger discount (up to 20%) will apply. Be sure to mention the NWDBC group rate if booking by phone. If booking online you will need to put "NWDBC" in the comments section.

Best Western/Friday Harbor Suites
NWDBC attendees will get a 20% discount but for guaranteed rooms you have to call at least 30 days before the conference. You have to call (360 378 3031) to get the special rate and be sure to mention the NWDBC conference. Do NOT call the 1-800 number because it may route you to the Best Western central desk and you will not get the special rate. Do NOT use the online form!

Friday's Historic Inn
http://www.Friday-harbor.com. No discount but check specials.

To find other hotels in the area, go to the San Juan Islands chamber of commerce web site: http://www.sanjuanisland.org.