The early interphase 10 reconstruction is of a 42 micron wide by 28 micron high by 20 micron deep volume
of the syncytial blastoderm of a Drosophila embryo fixed in early interphase 10, just as the migrating nuclei
first approach the cortex. In the first-displayed frames the cortex is closest to you. Centrosomes are
white or magenta. Microtubules are yellow. Chromatin is greenish. Yolk particles are  gray.  F-actin is orange.
Note the caps of concentrated F-actin overlying the centrosomes. When the reconstruction rotates 180 degrees,
so you are looking toward the cortex from inside the egg, you can see the tunnels through the yolk particles
the nuclei made as they migrated.  The remnants of the mitotic spindles from the previous round of mitosis
remain well into interphase.