Apple QuickTime version 3.0 or higher is required to play the virtual object files,
the ones whose names start with obj...These are interactive;  hold the mouse
button down in the display area and rotate the object up and down and back
and forth by dragging the mouse. Full 360 degree rotation around the vertical
axis is possible. When you let go the mouse button, microtubules disappear
and yolk particles become visible.

The movie files, those whose names begin with  mvy... , are quickTime
non-interactive movies which you just watch passively.  QuickTime version  2
or higher will play them.

Movie compression used the cinepak and sorenson codecs, and you'll need
a version of quicktime that includes these codecs to view the objects and movies.
The link below gives you quicktime versions with these codecs.

Download Quicktime for MacIntosh or Windows computers for free

If the objects or movies play back slowly, adjusting your computer display
to use "thousands of colors" (65,000 colors), and saving the files from your
browser to your hard drive, then playing them directly with QuickTime (bypassing
your browser) will speed them up. Only a fast computer (200 MHZ or faster)
can move these virtual objects and movies smoothly.

The color code is:
Centrosomes are white or magenta spheres.
Microtubules are yellow
F-actin is orange
Chromatin is greenish
Myosin II is light blue
Yolk particles are gray