Ingeneue Tutorials & Documentation


For help installing Ingeneue, use these installation instructions. You may also want to look at last-minute changes & information available in the README.txt file.

Getting started & using Ingeneue

The following documents are available for using Ingeneue. These tutorials and manual are bundled in the current Ingeneue download, but are available here for users with older versions of Ingeneue or for those who prefer to view the tutorials online.

Also, please see the models page for more examples of networks simulated in Ingeneue.

Source code documentation

The source code for Ingeneue is documented, and the source-code documentation (generated by javadoc) is available online or as a .zip compressed download. Due to its size (and the fact it can be generated from the source code using the javadoc utility), this API is not included in the Ingeneue download. [ HTML | Download .zip ]

Theory, approach & use cases:

We also recommend that you read the publications using Ingeneue for a detailed discussion of Ingeneue and the networks it has been used to model.