Ingeneue is the first general-purpose program designed to construct and analyze models of genetic networks. We designed Ingeneue so that it can be used by a biologist with only a minimal amount of mathematical training, yet give this biologist the power to ask a wide range of sophisticated questions about networks.

Ingeneue is a free, open source tool written in Java. It has a graphical user interface, several tutorials, and extensive documentation. The latest version of both the program and source code will always be available here. Ingeneue has so far been used in five published papers, with more either in preparation or in review.

Ingeneue was written by George von Dassow, Eli Meir, Edwin Munro, and Garrett Odell at the Center for Cell Dynamics. Ingeneue is maintained by the above authors and Bill Sunderland and Kerry Kim. Ingeneue development is supported by the NIGMS.

If you use Ingeneue, we would love to hear from you - both the good and the bad. Enjoy.

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